Fruit Launcher is an internet shock site featuring a woman in her bedroom firing oranges from her anus. She forces the oranges from her anus by inserting an endless stream of oranges into her vagina. The total number of oranges located in her rectum is unknown but is believed to be in the tens of thousands. There has been speculation that this video is in fact evidence of an orange fueled perpetual motion machine. For those seeking to examine the genre further, view such artistic works as the confronting Clown Song the acclaimed Goatse Girl.

What is the technology behind Fruit Launcher?

Fruit Launcher ha uncovered a way to launch oranges and other fruit without gunpowder, fuel or electricity. The brand new propulsion device used is the human being - specifically the vagina and anus. The technology used to animate fruit launcher is internet magic called the 'animated gif'.

This site is for 18+. Adults Only.


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